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Trading on the Forex market is a legitimate and straightforward way of generating income. And the good news is that you don’t have to be a professional trader in order to make money. All you need is the right personality and the right skill set and you can make money trading on foreign exchanges. Oxflux Trade lets you trade in the way that best suits you.
Do you want to risk a little or a lot? Do you want gains in the short term or are you playing a longer game? Are you a day trader, a swing trader or a scalper? Are you an old hand or a rookie just testing the water? It does not matter because Oxflux Trade puts you in control.
But Oxflux Trade is only half of the currency trading team. The other half is you, the trader. You are the one who will be feeling the euphoria and elation when the money rolls in. But remember, the world’s most successful currency traders are the ones who stay calm and who can move around large amounts of money in a measured way even when the excitement is overpowering. If you can control today’s success and not let it cloud tomorrow’s judgment, you probably have it in you to make money as a currency trader. The prizes in Forex are certainly glittering but it is level headedness and persistence that win the day. With the right tools, information and access to all the world’s currencies, Oxflux Trade puts you in control of the trades you make. And with the facts you need to make sensible and profitable decisions whether it’s what you do for a living or how you kill time in your lunch hour, Oxflux Trade lets you trade in the best way possible - your way..

Our Mission

Here at Oxflux Trade we appreciate the importance of client independence. Our top priority is to provide our clients with flexibility, accessibility and availability, in addition to sophisticated and innovative tools necessary to become a successful trader.

Our Plan

At Oxflux Trade, human resources are a primary asset and the foundation on which the company is built. We are proud of the trust and recognition we receive from our customers and that is why we are always nearby: every minute, 24 hours a day, and 5 days a week.Our Company's Values includes Fairness, Leadership, Innovation, Excellence and Customer Centricity

Our Vision

The company’s main objectives are to lead the international financial market, global expansion and to provide a professional, regulatory and local solution for every client, anywhere in the world.

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